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Hey there!


XO, Corinna

Do any of these sound familiar?

      I'm just getting started but I'm so overwhelmed by the thought of running a business.

     I'm in love with photography but am stuck at my 9-5 desk job and don't know how to make the switch.

     I've been pursuing my photography passion but want to break into the wedding industry. 

I feel you, friend! I've been there. And I want to help!

Because I know you deserve a career that your excited about every morning. Life is too short for unfulfilling work, but just taking pretty photos won't pay the bills! 

I’m excited to offer these educationally rich 90-minute mentor sessions that can be held in my home office in Benicia, CA or via Zoom video chat for just $249! Each mentor session is completely custom to your unique needs and interests. Whether you are just getting started, are looking to improve your skills, or just want to know how I run things myself- I’m honored to have the chance to help you reach your photography & business dreams!  I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned, all my tips, and all my tricks to running a successful full-time wedding photography business. Reach out today!

Sessions can include: 
• How to book your ideal client & consultation tips 
• Strategies for going full-time 
• Portfolio review 
• Pricing 
• Full workflow from start to finish 
• Shooting & editing 
• Gear
• Posing 
• Advertising strategies 
• Client experience 
• Website & blogging 
•Email templates, contracts, client questionnaires 
• Bookkeeping & general organization 
• How to get published 
• And much more! 

One on One

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Here's what's next

1. Reach out!
Let me know you're ready to level up your business by submitting your info below.

2. Fill in your questionnaire
I'll send along a detailed questionnaire so that we can customize your session to match your needs.

3. Session Time!
We meet for a noteworthy session where we'll chat about your plan to level-up, answer all your questions, and send you on your way with a list of next steps to improve your biz!

Six Figure Photography
by Ben Hartley

Atomic Habits
by James Clear

168 Hours
by Laura Vanderkam

Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert

How to Win Friends & Influence People
by Dale Carnegie

The Total Money Makeover
by Dave Ramsey

The Photo Report
by Braedon Flynn

Brands The Book
by Davey Jones

The Wedding Biz
by Andy Kushner


If audio is more your thing

book list

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Client Experience

Personal & Biz Finance Golden Rules


Good Habit
Life Hacks

Marketing Must-Have

Building a Story Brand
by Donald Miller