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your business isn't where you want it to be.

The passion is there, but there's still so much you feel behind on. Ands who has the spare income for that 5-figure mastermind course anyways?

you need actionable help, Now.

Minus hours of googling and random rabbit holes, please!

you've hit a roadblock... or two.

you're feeling doubtful that you can make your passion a career.

overwhelmed and the thought of running your own business.

scared that you wont find joyful, high-paying clients.

I know what it's like to sit at your desk job, day-dreaming about photography. There is so much uncertainty in making the leap into a new career! Especially if you are like most of us out there and didn't go to school for this craft. Well fear not friend, I'll show you the light at the end of the tunnel! 



your time is valuable.

The last thing you need is another cookie cutter course that covers the basics you could’ve found yourself on Pinterest. You need actionable advice on how to take your business to the next level with answers tailored specifically to your unique brand. You want to walk away feeling...

confident in pursuing your passion full-time



excited to work on your thriving business


in love with your amazing, grateful clients

private coaching

One-On-One tailored coaching to propel your business to the next level. For the boss lady in you who’s ready to buckle down and see big results. 

You + Me

I’ll bring my experience running a full-time business just 1 month after shooting my very first paid wedding, booking 25 weddings my first year, and bringing in 20K more than my high-paying corporate job.

You bring your big goals (and wine if you fancy!)

Together we will work through a tailored strategy to get you in front of your dream clients so you can finally start seeing results.


so what's this all about?

Education designed to help you pursue your big dreams and get traction now.

This is not a simple how-to call. You know how to take a photo and send an email...and chances are you’ve been doing it for quite some time now.

This is a comprehensive coaching session for photographers who are ready to take the leap into their business and are willing to make some big changes in order to see big results.

My goal is to propel your business forward with actionable steps and 1:1 support.

" I love photography because of my clients, but the business side is a challenge for me. Corinna is super organized and has a plan for everything! Any time I’ve been stuck, or needed help with anything, Corinna has been my go-to mentor! "

- Alyssa, Alyssa Wendt Photography

breaking into the wedding industry

popular topics to level up your biz

You love the thought of photographing a gorgeous couple on their big day..but aren't sure how to get from hobbiest to pro-wedding photog. I've got the answers! You'll learn my 5 part plan to not only breaking into the industry, but becoming a pro in record time.

fully booked & fully paid

No one wants to stress about not being able to support their family with their career. I get it! I'll teach you my exact method that brought in over 75 wedding inquires and over 85k in revenue my FIRST year in biz.

run an efficient & stress-free biz

While creating art with our cameras might come easy to us, the business side of things often have us running for the hills. Have no fear! I'll get your business running like a well oiled machine so that you can get back to what you love doing most- capturing precious memories!

booking clients who love you

There is nothing worse than an upset client. Thankfully, my client experience has saved me from the pain of having to deal with this! I'll teach you my specific steps that ensures I have clients who are more than ready to leave shining reviews.

workflows: finish a wedding in 7 days

Do you dread the never ending To Do list that awaits you after a wedding? Let me help you save time and energy with my organized and easy post-wedding workflow that will ensure you aren't stuck behind your desk for what seems like forever!

nearly 50% of all small businesses fail within 5 years.

Hi friend, I'm Corinna! I know the wedding photography business can be complicated, but I'm here to make it easy! I know what it's like to be just starting our and feel like you have a million and one questions.

After working hard to launch my business before the birth of my daughter so that I could stay home during the week to raise her,

I went full-time just ONE month after shooting my very first paid wedding.

Booked 25 weddings my FIRST year.

And brought in 20k MORE than I was making at my high-paying corporate job in my first year!
I want to see the same SUCCESS for you! 

i'll give you the tools to ensure you not only surive, but thrive

the run down

What you can expect from your coaching session.
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We’ll start by digging into your business with a questionnaire to discover your unique needs and goals. From there I’ll do an extensive audit of your brand, website, and marketing efforts to build a tailored strategy for growth and profit.

We’ll virtually meet for your  session via Zoom video. You’ll be able to see my screen as I walk through your audit and customized action plan to move forward. I’ve got a knack for breaking the business stuff down to make it easy, pinky promise!

After your session, you’ll get lifetime access to the video recording so you can revisit our talk anytime you need a refresher. You’ll also get all of my notes on your audit and strategy plan plus helpful resources for making it happen!

"I was nervous that this wouldn't be a good fit for me, but I walked away with such an AMAZING plan for my business."

- Melissa, Melissa Thompson Photography

Single Coaching Session 


Full-Day Coaching Session

Session & styled shoot

Sometimes a single session just doesn't cut it, and a full-day of learning is needed! Book this if you really need more of a business makeover rather than a few pointers.

A customized deep-dive into getting your business where it needs to be to succeed. Perfect for those with a few road blocks they need help with.

Perfect for those not only wanting business help, but also hands-on training on how to shoot for a high-end client. Plus fresh, gorgeous content for your site & social media!

How do I know this session will be impactful for me?

Every coaching session is fully customized to your areas of need. Students fill out an in-depth questionnaire where you can list out exactly what you are hoping to gain.

you may still have questions...

What if I have more questions after my session has ended?

A follow up session would be perfect for you! All my students receive 50% off all future coaching sessions so we can keep leveling-up your skills and knowledge as your biz grows.

Where are these coaching sessions held?

From the comfort of your own home! No need to dress up and drive off anywhere. We will connect for a video session via Zoom. Full-day sessions are held in my home office. 

How long are the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are usually 90 minutes in duration. Additional time may be purchased. A "full-day" discount is available.

What if I don't exactly know which topics I want to discuss?

Totally fine! I will do my homework on your business before our session and give you an improvement plan based on my observations. Each hour of coaching allows us to deep-dive into 2-3 topics to ensure we are doing more than just scratching the surface for you.

Can you help me, even if I'm in a different market?

Absolutely! My methods work for any market. No matter where you are located, i've got a plan to help you succeed!

READY TO LEVEL UP your biz in record time?

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Let's make sure we are a good fit for one another before we begin our journey.

I can't wait to work with you! I'll keep an eye out for your entry. :)