Common Inquiry Mistakes Photographers Make

While you first impression with your potential clients is usually your website, the second impression- and what I think is arguably just as important, is the response to their inquiry. Clients who inquire are usually ready to book, but what you do or don’t say in reply can sway that client to choose another photographer […]

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5 Things You Need Before Your First Wedding Inquiry

As you may know, time is of the essence when you receive an inquiry. Not replying back in a professional and polished way within 24 hours can severely impact your chances of booking that client. Rather than waiting till that first wedding inquiry hits your inbox and then scrambling to reply, here are basic things […]

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5 Tips on How To Rock Your Client Consultation

5 Tips on How To Rock Your Client Consultation First impressions are everything. What you do and say during your client consultation has a big impact on whether or not couples book you. If you are looking to set off on the right foot, these below tips are for you! 1. Communicate Your Process Communicate […]

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5 Tips On How To Be An Amazing Second Shooter

5 Tips On How To Be An Amazing Second Shooter Second shooting is an amazing way to venture into the wedding photography world. It allows you to practice your skills while also networking with local photographers and vendors. The relationship you build while second shooting can result in lasting gigs with your lead photographers, and […]

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how to be a second shooter

5 Reasons Why Your Creative Business Needs Dubsado Now

Running a business can be difficult for us creatives. We are focused on creating our art and not so much on the business side of things. Sometimes the technical side can be a bit overwhelming. So here are five reasons why Dubsado, a Client Relationship Management tool, or CRM, can help save you from this […]

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What’s In My Camera Bag

With so much gear out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your options. What is the best camera system? The best lens? While there isn’t one right answer to these questions, there’s definitely some gear that performs better than others. I’ve shot over 50 weddings and 50 engagements with the below gear and absolutely […]

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Wedding Photography Camera

Create Your Own Ring Styling Dishes For Less Than a $1

I’m definitely not the crafty type. I’ll pay someone to make even a seemingly easy project for me. But when I saw a fellow photographer post a little tutorial about making their own clay ring styling dishes, I thought I’d give it a go! I had been eyeing some pretty white ring dishes for some […]

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Styling Ring Dishes

What’s In My Wedding Styling Kit

Want to know about all the goodies I bring with me to every wedding day in my styling kit? These various tools and trinkets allow me to beautifully photograph my couple’s special items on their big day. Below I’ll share with you how I use these items and where I purchased them from so that […]

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6 Must Have Photography Business Tools

Starting a photography business can be challenging. There are so many different tools out there that you can use to run your business, but it can be overwhelming to find what works best for you. Thankfully, I can save you some time and hassle by recommending my favorite photography business tools that I use on […]

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