Why this matters

When my husband and I first started our relationship, I documented all of our amazing adventures to not only look back on with him one day, but to one day show our future children. To inspire them as to what a happy, fulfilled life full of adventure and love could look like.

Now, doing this same thing for you is a dream come true. I'm so passionate about documenting these incredible moments. Whether it’s a wedding day, a session to celebrate the next major step in your relationship, or the last few months before your family adds its newest member — I’m honored to help you capture some of life’s happiest memories.

Thoughts from this Bay Area photographer

The most important thing in life is those who you spend it with. 

I'm a hopeless romantic. I hope you are too.

The couples I serve would release doves during their first kiss if they could. Personal touches and details that wow are your style. You want photographs that will transport you back to the very moment you say, “I do.”


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I have been so blessed to capture over 100 couple's wedding days. Each day bring me so much joy that I can't help but wipe a tear during your First Dance or listening to your Parents toast to your bright future. I've learned so much over the years on how to provide my couples with the best experience and photos possible and hope that I can do this for you too! 

Event Coordinator

My career before becoming a professional photographer was 10 years in the event industry, 6 of which were spent organizing and executing events as an event coordinator. Ensuring details are squared away and the day runs smoothly is my jam! 

Wine Country

I've had the pleasure to photograph weddings all over, but my speciality location would have to be wine country. With the rolling golden hills, sprawling vineyards, and cool summer breezes, it's hard to beat!

My grandfather (from Italy) and grandmother (from Russia) met when my grandmother brought her father's car into the shop where my grandfather was working. It was unusual for women to take in the family car at that time, but her father was ill and she volunteered to help. My grandfather knew he couldn't let her walk out of the shop without introducing himself, but since both of their English was poor, he decided to leave her a note on the driver's seat with his name, number and asking her to lunch. 

What led up to this point

I've loved photography ever since I was given my first disposable camera as a young girl. I remember being so excited to hand over my film to my mom to drop off at the drugstore. Opening the pack of fresh prints to reveal what I had captured was like Christmas morning. Through the years, photography was always a part of my life, but after college, I ended up becoming an event coordinator for tech companies and even UC Berkeley.

After photographing my sister-in-law’s wedding on the side, I had a close friend ask me why I never followed my passion for photography. My achieving nature (Enneagram 3, anyone?) took this offhand comment to heart. I second shot at countless weddings for more than a year and absorbed as much as I could from so many talented creators in the industry.

Nowadays, I apply my love for memories, art and organization to photography. I’ve been featured in more than 14 publications and received recognition in— Wedding Wire's Couple's Choice Awards 2019 + 2020 + 2021 and The Knot's Best of Weddings 2020 + 2021.

Meet my support team


We met in college and have been together for over 10 years now (married for 5). He cooks the most amazing meals and is such a loving father.


Hayden is our one-year-old daughter. I love experiencing life through her eyes and teaching her new things every day. It's incredibly rewarding to watch her learn and grow.

The pups!

We have two pups, Sadie (Husky/Golden Retriever mix) and Maya (Border Collie/Corgi mix)!