4 Reasons to Have a Mock Wedding Grand Exit

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It’s a romantic thought to have your night end with guests cheering you on and you and your partner walk out of your venue for the night. But you may not realize how difficult this happily-ever-after photo can be to get right when waiting till the very end of your celebration to do these. Below are four reasons why couples should plan to do an earlier “mock” wedding grand exit if they are hoping for to add these beautiful photos to their galleries.

What is a Mock Exit

Really quick, let me explain what a mock exit is. It’s essential a fake exit to ensure you get great photos. This means we stage this shot of your loved ones lined up with sparklers, bubbles, confetti, etc. for you & your partner to run through before you are actually ready to leave for the night. We gather your loved ones before anyone leaves or gets too crazy (or just bridal party & immediate family), take the shot, and send you all back to party the night away.!

1. Your Photo Won’t Look Sparse

Waiting till the very end of the night means many of your guests will have already left. This can include your nearest and dearest who you really would’ve loved to witness your exit! Not only will they be missing out on the moment, but your photos may look a bit sparse if we only have a handful of guests left at the end of the night to use. Let’s ensure your moment is full of all your loved ones by planning an earlier mock exit before our loved ones head home.

2. Guests Are More Focused & Smiling for the Background

Having an earlier mock wedding grand exit means guests will be less intoxicated at that point. This will be extremely helpful for the photo because they will be easier to gather and better able to listen to directions. No one wants a messy photo where guests are stumbling into each other or are unable to pay attention long enough to get a great photo! And we want our friends to enjoy the evening, of course. So grab this shot early and send them back to the bar!

3. It’s Safer

Ladies, we all know how combustible hair spray. Well imagine doing a sparkler exit at the end of the night with intoxicated guests who don’t hold their sparklers high enough for you to safely pass under. Yikes! I wish I could say that I’ve never seen this happen, but I’m afraid I have. Let’s not start your honeymoon with burnt hair, ok? The safer route is the earlier mock exit route.

4. It Saves You Money

Extra hours can be costly. Rather than extending your wedding coverage for both your photographer and videographer to stay till the very end of the night for this moment, you can capture it early and send them on their way!

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Wedding Grand Exit

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