3 Tips for Stress-Free Family Wedding Photos

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Let’s face it, getting beautiful shots with all our loved ones on the wedding day can be hectic and time-consuming. Everyone is so excited to be photographed with the couple that it can become a mad dash to get every single combination known to man taken. If you want a neat and orderly experience, follow these below tips for stress-free family wedding photos.

What are Family Wedding Photos?

Real quick, let’s define what family wedding photos are. These are commonly known as “Family Formals”. They are a group of photos the wedding couple takes with their immediate families after the ceremony has ended. Now on to the tips!

Stress-Free Family Wedding Photos

1. Reserve these for immediate family only.

In order to keep things orderly and on schedule, I highly recommend reserving this time for immediate family only. That means parents, siblings, grandparents, and any accompanying significant others & children. While we love your godparents, uncles & aunts, etc., we can make time for them later in the day such as during the reception. Enjoying this “just married” moment with your immediate family is so special and ensures you aren’t being pulled a million directions for photos.

Stress-Free Family Wedding Photos

2. Have a “family ambassador” from each side.

It’s super helpful to assign a family member from each side to be the “family ambassador”. They will be responsible for gathering any potential missing family members to ensure we stay on time. Having a family member wander off to cocktail hour is all too common, so assigning this person is key! Just be sure to ask them ahead of time and share the family combo list with them. Typically this role falls to the mothers, but feel free to ask anyone for help.

3. Know your desired combos ahead of time.

I ask all my couples to prepare their desired combination list well ahead of the wedding day. Having a list to check off again helps to keep everything organized and running smoothly. It also helps ensure important combinations are not forgotten during the wedding day frenzy.

Bonus: Sample Combo List

  • Couple with Partner 1’s Immediate Family (parents, siblings, grandparents)
    Couple with Partner 1’s Grandparents
    Couple with Partner 1’s Parents
    Partner 1 with Partner 1’s Parents
    Partner 1 with Partner 1’s Siblings

  • Couple with Both set of Parents
    Couple with both Immediate Families

  • Couple with Partner 2’s Immediate Family (parents, siblings, grandparents)
    Couple with Partner 2’s Grandparents
    Couple with Partner 2’s Parents
    Partner 2 with Partner 2’s Parents
    Partner 2 with Partner 2’s Siblings

Stress-Free Family Wedding Photos

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