3 Reasons Why Golden Hour Wedding Photos Are a Must

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Golden hour is by far, hands down, my favorite time to photograph a wedding couple. Why? Because the sun is low in the sky and gives off a dreamy, ethereal look. Perfect for snapping a few wedding photos in!

What exactly is Golden Hour?

Golden Hour wedding photos are captured one to two hours before sunset. The exact timing depends on the preference of your photographer and your venue setup. Locations with hills and tall buildings will have an earlier time.

Sometimes these are called Sunset Photos, but my style of photography captures this moment a bit before sunset time. This is because the light disappears very quickly at sunset and doesn’t give us enough time to capture the moment.

Why do you want golden hour wedding photos? Let me tell you!

golden hour wedding photos

1. There is no better time of day for photos than Golden Hour

Golden Hour produces the most magical, soft, romantic light for photos. This is different from other parts of the day because of how the sun is setting on the land.

Earlier in the day the sun is overhead and creates strong light and shadows. This makes it difficult to find and create softer images. Your best bet for these dreamy shots is to save them for golden hour.

golden hour wedding photos

2. They give you a little break from the rush of the day

Things tend to get a little crazy in the evening. Everyone and their mother is stopping you two to say congrats. Selfies have been snapping since you said your “I Do’s”. The evening events are well under way with dances, dinner, and more.

Want to take a little break from all the frenzy? Then this is the perfect excuse to break away from the party with your significant other. Go enjoy a quiet, romantic moment- just the two of you (and your photographer, of course).

3. They are your first official Just Married portraits

If you had a First Look earlier in the day, you likely have yet to take any portraits of you two since putting on your new bling during the ceremony! What a sweet time to add in a few official Just Married portraits during this magical hour.

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Golden Hour Wedding Photos

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