How To Ensure You Attend Your Own Cocktail Hour

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Are you really hoping to attend your own wedding cocktail hour? Did you know that wedding couples usually don’t? Most often, this hour is used to capture important photos for the couple, their families, and the wedding party. But if you are already dreaming of enjoying one of your signature cocktails with your friends after the ceremony, here are the ways it can be done.

Take All Your Formal Photos Prior To The Ceremony

This strategy allows you to join for the entire cocktail hour. Cheers!

If you want to be able to attend and enjoy your own cocktail hour, the only way to join for 100% of it is to take all your formal photos prior to the ceremony. This means you will need to have a First Look with your partner. Once you two have seen each other, you’ll then take your Wedding Party Photos and finish up with your Family Formals. If all your loved ones get their snap shots with you prior to the ceremony, then everyone can join the party directly after!

Take Most of Your Formal Photos Prior To The Ceremony

This strategy allows you to join for half of your cocktail hour. Squeeze in some mingling!

Don’t think your family can be counted on to arrive early enough for photos? No worries at all! There is still a way you can attend half of your cocktail hour party. By doing a First Look prior to the ceremony, you can still knock out your Couple Portraits and Wedding Party Portraits. Post ceremony, you’ll hang back for a few minutes to take your Family Formals and then will have a chance to join your cocktail hour.

Summary: You’ll Need To Do a First Look

Long story short: A First Look is needed in order to enjoy your own cocktail hour. Otherwise the full hour (and perhaps even more!) will be used to capture your Couple Portraits, Bridal Party Portraits, and Family Formals after the ceremony.

First Looks are by no means required on a wedding day- it all comes down to your priorities and how you want to experience the day.

Your Loved Ones Will Thank You

And remember, it not just you and your partner who will be missing the party- it’ll also be the ones needed for the remainder of the family formals. Keep this in mind when planning out your day! Your Wedding Party will thank you for allowing them to head straight to the party post-ceremony because you decided to have a First Look. 😉

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Attend Your Own Cocktail Hour

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