3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

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I think a wedding album is worth its weight in gold for so many reasons. They are certainly one of those things that you’ll kick yourself for not getting two, five, ten years down the line. I’m currently in the works with a gorgeous book for one of my couples and am overly excited about how their memories will live on forever in this expertly, artfully printed book. So I wanted to hop on real quick and share why it’s such an important thing to invest in a wedding album. Every couple should have one of these, are here’s why.  

should I buy a wedding album

1. Your high-quality images deserve a high-quality home. 

It breaks my heart to see couples posting their gorgeous images online a month after the wedding, only to have them buried in the next day’s posts and never to be seen again. Your images deserve more than 24hrs of likes and comments, don’t you think?

What do you want to pull out when your friends, family, or children ask you about your wedding day? Your phone? Will those images even be on your phone a decade from now when you’ve upgraded your device a few times? Or will you still have that social media profile to scroll waaaaay back through to find them?  Trust me when I saw your photos will look so much better printed than scrolling through a ton on your phone.

If you want to honor your images with a professional, one-of-a-kind book to show your loved ones and future generations, then investing in a wedding album is the route for you. It’ll stand the test of time (and technology), so that the memories of one of the best days of your life are just within reach of your coffee table or book shelf.

invest in an wedding album

2. You don’t want to stress about creating a beautiful, detailed album all by yourself. 

Storytelling with images is truly a skill most of us lack. Myself included! Which I why I ensure my couples are served by an amazing designer who actually does this for a loving and is so incredibly talented. They have a skilled, professional eye and the seasoned ability to turn your images into the best story picture book you’ve ever seen. Allowing you to transport yourself back into the morning, afternoon, and night of your wedding day with just the turn of a page.

Yes, you could take the time and energy in researching how to create an album for yourself. And then hope you can figure out the layout software while trying to artfully arrange the key moments of your day. Or you can save the hassle and leave it to the professionals on this one! I promise it’ll be way less frustrating to open your beautiful album when it’s shipped to your door than to spend hours and hours trying to DIY it. Invest in a wedding album and you can get excited about how easy it is to let the pros create an album for you.

get a wedding album

3. It’s the perfect end to your wedding experience.

When you get back from your honeymoon and you are basking in that “just-married” glow, what do you want to be sitting on your coffee table? Something that allows you to relive your wedding day over and over again? Then you need to invest in a wedding album, my friend!

Imagine snuggling up on the couch with your partner, glass of wine in hand, flipping through the moments when you said I Do or laughing together about your First Dance. It’s a tradition of mine to do this with my husband on every anniversary and I absolutely love reliving our day once a year (or more!) together.

why you should buy a wedding album

Bonus- 4. Your children will thank you!

My father passed away when I was young, and my mother gifted me some of their wedding photos once I was old enough to appreciate it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how important that album is to me. How emotional it is to flip through and see my father and mother, so young, happy, and in love. It’s a part of my history and definitely one of my prized possessions.

If you want to share your legacy of love with your children, then an album is for you.

Don’t tell Nick I told you this, but he was recently flipping through our own album with our daughter Hayden in his lap and totally started tearing up.  I can’t wait till she’s old enough to understand that those photos are from when Mommy & Daddy got married!

Need more reasons? Don’t just take my word for it! Check out this other great article: Martha Stewart Weddings: “3 Photographers Explain Why a Wedding Album Is Worth the Investment”

Investing in a Wedding Album

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Ready to order an album of your own? Reach out to me here!

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Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.