Half Moon Bay Engagement


When you know, you know. A phrase that rings so true for Julia and Ray. Early on in their relationship, that could both tell that this was unlike any other previous partner- this was something rare, something worthy of holding on to. It was such a pleasure getting to hear their love story during their Half Moon Bay engagement session. Together we played in the sand and surf and talked about love, marriage, and exciting futures.

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About The Couple

Julia and Ray met how most modern couples do- online. They stumbled across each others profiles on Bumble. Julia remembers being intrigued by a question in Ray’s profile where he asked “What nationality do you think I am?” Julia, being of various backgrounds herself, enjoyed taking a guess and messaged Ray. Their conversation online flowed easily and they agreed to meet up for Boba for their first date. What they thought was going to be a rather brief rendezvous ended up in hours and hours of good conversation.

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Julia knew almost instantly that she wanted to marry Ray. She had actually told her mother so shortly after bringing him home for the first time. Julia went through some scary healthy complications early in their relationship, and the way he treated her and was so devoted her during this time made her fall deeply in love. She knew that there was no one else she’d rather spend her life with.

Ray also knew pretty early into the relationship that things with Julia were different. He remembers a long car ride they had together in which they spent hours on end talking about life. He said that his connection to her instantly intensified after realizing how beautifully they communicated and how in-line their beliefs and values were.

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Ray ended up popping the question on a surprise weekend trip in Carmel. As fate would have it, he proposed in the very same hotel where Julia’s parents were engaged decades before! The couple is now very excitedly planning a destination wedding for 2022.

Julia & Ray

Julia and Ray- thank you so much for spending your evening with me. I had such a blast with you two out on the beach. I felt so lucky to hear more about your love story and take some super sweet shots of your Half Moon Bay engagement session. I’m beyond excited for you two to be on this journey towards marriage together and all the good things that are to come. I know you two are soulmates and will have such an amazing marriage full of love and adventure. Congrats again!

Thank You!

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Half Moon Bay Engagement

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