Maternity & Baby Must-Haves


Are you welcoming your first baby soon? If so, a huge congrats Mama-to-Be! I’m beyond excited for you to welcome a sweet bundle of joy into your life in a few months.

When I was pregnant with my first, I found myself spending all my spare time researching the best things for both my maternity months and newborn months. Who knew there are so many things out there than can help you through these new phases of life with more grace and ease?

Well I wanted to help all my mamas out and share my must haves for both Maternity and Baby so that you can be spared of the endless hours of researching.

Here’s a few things that really helped me through this time period.

maternity must-haves


What to Expect App & Message boards– I loved following along with baby’s size, development status, and even tips on how my body was changing every week. The app puts you into a monthly due date chat boards with other mamas sharing your due date month. I found this to be super helpful to ask questions and chat with other gals in my same boat.

Blanqi Leggings – I practically lived in these my entire pregnancy. So comfortable and provides such great support for your growing tummy

A quick and easy maternity dress– at some point you are going to be super over wearing pants. This cute yet comfortable maternity dress was my go to for leaving the house. I love it because it’s so easy to dress up or down.

Belly Band- this band SAVED me. Your belly gets so beautifully large in the last trimester, and it can be very uncomfortable to be out and about. Instead of constantly supporting your tummy with your hand, grab a band that will do the supporting for you.

Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On– I tried all the nausea tricks- the hard candies, the teas, the pressure bands. Nothing worked except for Peppermint. I love putting this roll-on on my wrist or even a little under my nose if I was really in need. I also recommend having peppermint tea in the morning, or diffusing some essential oil in the main room of your home.

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baby must-haves


Baby Communication Video– It takes a while to understand your baby’s various cues and figuring out their needs. I promise it gets MUCH easier as they grow, but the newborn time can be a bit frustrating as you & baby both learn about each other. I loved watching this YouTube video that talks about baby’s cues. Bookmark this one for shortly after your little one arrives to rewatch!

Taking Cara Babies Sleep Training– Everyone prays for a baby who sleeps well, but there are only a lucky few! I highly recommend Taking Cara Babies newborn class for sleep training for baby’s every stage.

Compostable Diapers– for the eco-friendly Bay Area mama who isn’t quite ready for cloth diapers. This is an affordable service that delivers and picks up from your home.

Chicco KeyFit Car Seat– After researching so many car seats, this one checked all the boxes. Safe, easy to setup, and grows with baby from infant to 30lb toddler

Dr Bronners Baby Products– the only products we use on Hayden. Gentle, safe, and unscented for baby.

Bobby Nursing Pillow- The last thing you want to be doing when you have a hungry and fussing baby is to awkwardly try to shove some pillows under your babe to proper him or her up for feeding. I loved using the bobby to comfortably and quickly get Hayden into postion for feedings.

Sleep Sound Machine– a white noise machine is a must! I turn this on for every nap and bedtime and it helps soothe Hayden to sleep and keep her sleeping soundly through the night

Stacking Cups– best $5 I’ve ever spent. My daughter has loved playing with these colorful, inexpensive cups from 4mos to now over 14mos.

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Hope these were helpful! I pray you have a comfortable and safe pregnancy and delivery. I’m here if you ever need another mama to chat with. Congrats again!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.