Why “Getting Ready” Photos Are a Sweet Part of Your Wedding Day

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When you think of typical wedding photos, I’m sure thoughts of a couple up at the altar or with the families are the typical shots that come to mind.

But let’s think of how a good lovely story starts. Does it jump right to the couple sharing their First Kiss? Perhaps not.

Setting the Scene

Instead you are likely to see how the day got started- setting the scene for the day to come, how the couple is feeling the morning of their wedding day, and how their loved ones are supporting them in these once-in-a-life-time moments.

This is why Getting Ready photos are such a key part to telling the complete story of your wedding day.

What are Getting Ready Photos?

Now what exactly are Getting Ready photos? These are images of both partners getting into their wedding outfits, typically with their loved ones supporting them.

The best man helping the groom with his jacket after they’ve just shared a shot of whiskey to celebrate the occasion. His dad tying his tie while giving him some words of advice.

The maid of honor buttoning up the bride’s dress as she nervously fidgets with her engagement ring. Her mother placing in their family heirloom veil, the one she wore on her wedding day, and her mother before her.

Moments You Wont Want to Forget

The sweetness, stillness, and joy that is captured in these moments are ones you won’t want to forget. These are often the most intimate moments with your loved ones since the setting is much more relaxed and calm before the rush of the wedding day really hits. Couples can have the freedom of being completely themselves in these quite moments before all eyes are on them up at the altar.

While these are most likely not the photos you will be framing on your wall after your wedding day, they will still be a very important part in remembering your full wedding day. They will be foundational in your wedding album in transporting you back to that day and exactly how you felt that morning.

The excitement. The love. The anticipation for seeing your partner.

All that will come rushing back when you relive your sweet Getting Ready moments. And for these reason, I hope you enjoy this sweet part of your wedding day!

Getting Ready Wedding Photos

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