Baker Beach San Francisco Maternity Photos


Nancy and Eduardo are not your typical COVID engaged couple. Instead of chasing after postponed wedding dates, this gorgeous pair decided to put the wedding on hold and expand their family instead (something no pandemic could get in there way on!). Their gorgeous Baker Beach San Francisco maternity photos were beautifully soft and feminine, which is perfectly fitting since they are soon welcoming a sweet baby girl!

Baker Beach Maternity Photos

About The Couple

Nancy and Eduardo are high school sweet hearts and have been together for 12 years. As their relationship grew throughout the years, the pair felt more and more connected with each passing anniversary. Eduardo popped the question to Nancy last year and while they were first excited to begin wedding planning, they came to the conclusion that starting a family was more important to them.

Baker Beach San Francisco Maternity Photos

Nancy is soon finishing up her last few weeks as an X-ray tech and is looking forward to her maternity leave before their beautiful baby girl makes her appearance in early May. During the pandemic, her fiancé, Eduardo, was unfortunately unable to attended any of Nancy’s appointments alongside her. Eduardo was really hoping to be a part of the journey, so they were able to visit an independent 4D ultrasound clinic that allowed Eduardo to take a part of the action. He mentioned that seeing his cute baby’s face on the screen was quite an experience. Nancy has thankfully had a relatively comfortable pregnancy thus far but both her and Eduardo are anxiously awaiting their daughter’s arrival.  

Baker Beach Maternity Session

Nancy & Eduardo

Thank you both so much for allowing me to document this amazing time in your journey towards parenthood. I’m so in love with your Baker Beach San Francisco maternity photos! You both were so amazing with pushing through the absolutely freezing wind. You would never know from the photos that it was a bitter 50 degrees out! Nancy they way your dress and hair were flowing in the wind- you looked like a goddess! And Eduardo, it was so amazing of you to take these gorgeous photos with your fiancé! I pray you both enjoy looking back at these as your last few weeks of a family of two! I pray you have a safe and easy delivery and an amazing remainder of 2021!

Thank you!

Dress: Lulu’s

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Baker Beach San Francisco Maternity Photos

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