3 Ways to Still Have a Dream Wedding During COVID

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After nearly a year of our society battling with COVID, couples are opting to tie the knot in non-traditional ways.

Although large gatherings are put on hold for the foreseeable feature, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to follow suit.

If you are tired of postponing and ready to move forward in life with your partner, then here are three ways to still have a dream wedding during COVID.

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Micro Wedding

Although the idea of having a small wedding is not a new one, it certainly has gained in popularity since the pandemic.

Gone are the days of 200+ guests that often include people you may not even know. Instead, couples are planning for more intimate, intentional guest counts of 50 or less.

This smaller guest count is becoming more and more able to be accommodated by venues who are able to safely distance guests and staff while still holding all the full-day traditions of a larger wedding.

The second cousin you haven’t talked to in over a decade is out- but all your immediately family and very best friends- still in!

A huge benefit to planning a wedding with a smaller guest counts means you can focus more of your budget on creating an amazing wedding experience for yourself and your guests. Less money on meals and drinks means more money on design and activities to really create a night to remember. This is your chance to go all out and really create your dream wedding!

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A minimony is a very relaxed way to still get married during COVID with your most important loved ones. These celebrations are usually a gathering of just immediate families for an intimate ceremony.

Minimonies are a great way to share and capture the key moments of a wedding- the vows, the ring exchange, the first kiss as well as a few family portraits and couple portraits.

Once the ceremony and portraits are over, guests typically either go their separate ways, or rejoin at the family members home for a celebratory meal.

This option is perfect for those looking for an easy yet beautiful way to enter marriage while still involving ones family.

Here is some more info on a micro wedding and how to throw one.

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Are you super over planning, couldn’t care less about cutting a cake, and ready to just get that ring on your finger already? An elopement may be for you!

Many feel a bit of hesitation when they hear the word elopement. Ideas of going down to the courthouse or running off to Vegas to get married might flash in your mind. But elopements can be much more elegant and romantic than that.

Modern elopements for couples still wanting a romantic vibe to remember the day by can include a private ceremony at a gorgeous location (hello cliff side or beach romance), you and your partner dressed in your dream wedding attire, and all the portrait time you could possibly ask for of just you two!

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Bonus- Still Want That Huge Wedding?

Anniversary Weddings AKA Sequel Weddings are your answer.

It’s not uncommon for eloping or minimony couples to still want to involve ALL their loved ones in their wedding celebrations at some point. Planning to host a second wedding either on your anniversary date the following year, or keeping the date open for now- is a great way to bring everyone together.

There are no rules for Anniversary/Sequel weddings. Want to have a vow renewal ceremony? Go for it! Do you care more about having a huge dance party with food and beverage flowing past midnight? Do it!

Since social distancing appears to be an idea that isn’t going away any time soon, many couples are not yet setting a date to this idea, or are planning to host a vow renewal celebration on their 2-5 year anniversary.

Dream Wedding During COVID

I hope these ideas on how to still have your dream wedding during COVID where helpful and inspiring. Remember that the most important thing is that you and your partner are getting married, be it 200+ people to witness or just you two. No matter what, you will always have each other. Happy planning!

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