3 Key Homepage SEO Tips

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Photographers- I’m sure you know by now that having a homepage that is created with SEO in mind can be a power house for bringing in new leads. Hundreds of couples searching for photographers in your area could easily stumble upon your site each and every month. To help ensure that happens, here are three key homepage SEO tips to help your main page rank.

Key Phrase

The first thing we want to ensure is that you are using the key phrase that you are trying to rank for. For example, if you want to appear on Google’s first page of results when someone searches San Francisco Wedding Photographer, then this phrase must be all over your site. Here’s some tips on how to use this:

  • Use key phrase as your ONLY h1 tag on the entire page
  • Add your key phrase at the alt text for a few of your homepage images
  • Use your key phrase in a few of the home page paragraph text such as “Are you ready to book me as your San Francisco Wedding Photographer? Click my contact form below!”

Not sure what your key phrase should be or want insight on how your current key phrase is ranking? Check out Ubersuggest.

Page Functionality

Google rewards pages that function well. What exactly does this mean? This means your site has things such as the following:

  • Fast load speed- check your site speed using Pingdom
  • No broken links- check for your broken links using SEO Minon

Page Appearance

Having a beautiful, user friendly site is always going to rank higher than a cluttered, difficult to navigate page.

You want to entice the user to stay on your website and engaged for as long as possible to improve your bounce rate.

Having a quick bounce rate (how long the user is on your site till they leave) will signal to Google if your site is being perceived as high quality or low quality based on this amount of time, and thus impacts your SEO score.

Thus its important to have a beautiful design, clear intro to what you do, where you do it, and who you do it for, call to action buttons, and a simple and thoughtful navigation bar.

Homepage SEO Tips

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