3 Ways to Utilize Your Client Reviews

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Photographers- you spend so much time and effort into creating an amazing experience for your clients. It’s like Christmas morning when that little email pops into your inbox, sharing the good news that you just got another 5-star review. So exciting!! But now what do you do with that review? Here are three ways to utilize your client reviews to your advantage.

Share on Your Website & Marketing Materials

Potential clients love seeing real testimonials from your past clients. This helps build trust and shows that you are the professional that you claim to be. There are a few different places where reviews will make sense such as on your website pricing page and on your pricing guide. This again gives viewers the peace of mind that your worth the investment that you are asking for.

Share on Social Media

You worked hard for those reviews, so share them on your social media accounts as they come in! You can create a post where you copy and paste the recent testimonial into your caption. Or my favorite is to share a screenshot of the review on my story, and then save them all under a story highlight called Reviews. This way new followers can browse through all the thoughtfully written reviews more easily.

Share on the Couple’s Blog Post

I love adding my clients reviews to their blog post because it’s a fun way to share their side of the story from the day. It’s like adding in a new character to a book. It makes the post more interesting to read and again is developing that trust factor with your potential clients who may be reading these.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas on four ways to utilize your client reviews. Want to see more photographer tips? Click here to explore!

Need some help bringing in more client reviews, or not sure how to ask for them? Reach out here and I can help!

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