8 Impactful Off-Season Tasks

Photographer Tips

Photographers- winter is here, which means fewer sessions and weddings are taking place. This can be a very slow time for photographers who may now find extra time on their hands compared to the spring, summer, and fall months. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, trying to figure out what to do next to keep your business moving forward then here are some impactful offseason tasks to help you maximize this time.

Update internal materials

This is a great time to go over your client experience and review everything you send them. Are your canned emails out of date? Have you made some changes to your business that aren’t yet reflected in your old contracts? Do your workflows need to be tweaked to reflect your new processes and procedures?

Update marketing materials

Does your website need a refresh with new images and copy? How’s your pricing guide looking? Any other marketing materials you can update?

Deep clean your gear

This is the perfect time to take out all your cameras, lenses, and other gear and really give it a deep clean before the busy season.

Continue your education

What a better time to further enhance your skills than this time! Check out some new books, courses, or perhaps even a mentorship with your favorite photographer

Build new industry relationships

Since vendors have a bit more time on their hands, now is a great time to chat them up and start new industry relationships. Invite someone out for a coffee, or ask a venue if you can do a featured post on them.

Location scout

It can be tough to check out new portrait locations during the busy season, so here’s your chance to take a Saturday and drive around to some spots on your wish list. However keep in mind that depending on where you live- there will be some seasonal differences in the foliage between off-season and busy season.

Blog old sessions and weddings

Do you still have some gorgeous sessions and weddings that have not yet been featured on your blog? Even if the date is way in the past, you can still get a blog post up to show more work to potential clients, and target some new SEO key phrases.

Upgrade & prepack client gifts

I love packing all my client’s gifts in the offseason. This way, when a session or wedding comes up- I basically just grab and go. Handwriting cards can be so timely, so do a batch of these now for your gifts!

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