3 Easy Ways to Level up Your Client Experience

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It’s a well known fact that it takes more than just delivering pretty photos to impress your clients. Running a photography business is also about creating an experience that has your clients coming back again and again. Here are 3 easy ways to level up your client expreince to ensure your clients leave as raving fans.

1. Under-Promise & Over-Deliver

This is the easiest way to go above and beyond for your clients. By underpromising and over-delivering, you are providing them with an unexpected treat that will really impress them.

What exactly do I mean by this? There are several ways to act on this and the most common one is the number of photos you deliver and how quickly you deliver them. If you told your client that they will receive 30 images in 30 days, then make it a habit to deliver 60 images in two weeks. This surprise not only in your speed but also your generosity in including extra images is sure to leave a positive impression!

2. Communicate often & quickly

Too often photographers send a booking confirmation email and then don’t chat with their clients again until their wedding day or session day. This is a huge missed opportunity to show your client you are thinking about them. Consider sending not only session reminders to help your clients prepare, but other tips & tricks email to show you really want them to get to most of out of their session. (Bonus tip- reschedule all your emails in Dubsabdo to ensure your client experience is automated and consistent!).

A great rule of thumb is to respond to all client emails within 24hrs. Not being able to get a hold of a professional you are paying a good amount of money to can be very frustrating. Be timely in your replies, or if you know you’ll be away from the computer for a while- put up an auto-reply so clients know when to hear back from you.

3. Gift

Gifting is the cherry on top of a wonderful client experience. It’s that extra sign of love that shows your clients that you are not just here to take their money- you actually care about them. So much so that you are willing to prepare a custom gift for them!

There are many ways to include gifting in your client experience. For example, my wedding clients all receive a welcome gift after they book, in addition to several other times between booking and their wedding day. My portrait clients all leave their sessions with a gift and handwritten card.

Follow these easy ways to level up your client experience, and you’ll develop meaningful relationships with your clients beyond just taking their picture. Creating these experiences often fosters a reciprocation of love, so don’t be surprised when you find clients not only leaving stellar reviews, but sending you little gifts and notes of happiness too! 🙂

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