5 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

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The holidays are here, which means we are in the middle of engagement season! Between Thanksgiving till Valentines, more couples will pop the question and ask their partner to marry them. Here are some tips for engagement ring shopping if you are thinking of picking up something sparkly for their partner.

1.Start with the stone shape. With so many options out there, a great starting point is finding out what shape your partner is drawn to. When in doubt, pick a classic round stone. Here are some shape ideas.

2. Settings are second! Does your partner wear only gold jewelry? Only silver? Simples pieces or lots of sparkles? Look at their current pieces for inspiration! Here are some setting ideas.

3. Don’t be shy in asking for help. often a close friend can provide some valuable insight, a family member might have a ring for you to pass down, or your partner will want to pick out a ring with you! Here’s an idea on how to enlist a friend’s help.

4. Have a budget in mind. Let’s be honest, we all know diamonds are experience. Don’t break the bank on this gesture knowing that the ring can always be upgraded later in life. A partner who truly loves you will be more excited to become your fiance than they will care about how much you spent on the ring.

5. Start shopping early and give yourself time. Not many folks can walk out of a store with a ring that same day! Rings have to be ordered, made, sized, and shipped. And custom designs can add to that time too. So be sure to give yourself at least a month or two between when you plan to start shopping, and when you want to ask.

I hope these tips for engagement ring shopping were helpful! Want to see more wedding tips? Click here to explore!

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