Seasonal Tips For Amazing Portraits

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As the seasons change, so do our strategies for capturing the best possible portraits. Whether we are photographing your wedding, your engagement session, or your family session, we want to ensure everyone stays comfortable in both heat and cold, while also taking advantage of all that mother nature has to offer. Below are some seasonal tips to ensure you capture some amazing portraits, no matter the time of year.  


Spring is a gorgeous time to take photos because everything is lush, green, and starting to bloom. It’s important to note that things tend to reach their peak bloom are different times of the season, such as almond blossoms in February. Be sure to do a little digging if you are hoping to capture a specific floral look in your images, to ensure the timing matches up.

Quick tip- remember to bring some allergy medication if you know you or your loved ones are prone to itchy, watery eyes during the spring blooms.


There is a reason summer tends to be the best time for photos. The weather is perfect and the days are long, meaning there is plenty of daylight hours to work with for taking portraits. If you live in an area that experiences high temperatures in the summer, let’s ensure your portraits are in the protection of shade to keep everyone cool and comfortable.


Who can resist those gorgeous fall colors? The most popular tree in my area that will show those beautiful colors first are maples trees beginning around October.

All we need is one maple tree with beautiful color to capture the fall vibe. A little bit of color goes a long way!

It’s important to note that Daylight Savings sets the clocks back in the Fall, so weddings and sessions taking place in November and beyond will need to be aware of their dates sunset time. No one wants to take photos in the dark!


Though less popular than the other months, winter can still be a great time for photos. However, some extra planning is needed since the sun set can be as early as around 4:30pm this time of year, meaning photos need to be captured before then.

Winter weddings should expect to have the majority of their portraits taken pre-ceremony, unless you are hosting a lunch-time wedding.

Portrait clients, especially the ladies, will want to dress according to the weather. Don’t be afraid to layer on some warm socks under cute booties, or even throw on a pair of leggings under your dress. A scarf or faux fur shawl can be a nice addition as well.

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