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Photographers- your website is like your online home. When you welcome customers in, you want them to feel comfortable, excited to be there, interested in sticking around.

There are four main pages that tend to receive the most traffic, and those are your Homepage, About Me, Portfolio, and Pricing. Here are a few website tune-up tips to ensuring your site is captivating your audience, and not driving them away.


Your homepage needs to have a few key things visible to your clients right away:

-Your service & service area (Eg. “San Francisco wedding photographer”)

– An engaging headline that speaks to your clients wants, needs, desires. Show that you understand them.

– A call to action. Don’t make ready-to-book clients search for how to book you. Give them a button right away on the top of the homepage. (Eg. “Book My Date”)

About Me

A common misconception is that you should use this section to talk about how you feel in love with photograph or love a morning latte. While that stuff is cute and makes you relatable, it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Instead, you should use this section to focus on the benefits you bring to your clients. Why are you different and how can you solve your problems or worries? Only after you’ve discussed this should you briefly describe yourself and your interested personally.


Show what you want to attract.

Are you proud of these images? Would you be excited to shoot something like that again? Do you think your clients would print those images? Are they something your dream client would be attracted to?

If you answered no to any of these questions, remove that image from your website! Use a quality over quantity mindset.


 I recommend showing your “starting” price or “average” price here. This will help pre-qualify your leads. Don’t show your full packages- it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination thus clients are less curious to inquire.

This is also a great place to build trust by showing review, achievements, awards, or features. Clients want to feel confident that you are worth your pricing, and this is a great way to show that.

Bonus: SEO tune-up. Make sure the key phrase you are trying to rank for is your only H1 header. It should also appear in the body of your website several times and be tagged in the alt text of some of your images. Use SEO Minon to help you with this!

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