Marshall’s Beach San Francisco Engagement


My dream session usually involves an epic view, a well-dressed couple, and an adorable fur-baby. Well, the stars aligned and that is exactly what I got with my Marshall’s Beach San Francisco engagement session with Amanda and Bryson! I got to meet their sweet pup Charlie, and together we had a blast exploring the Golden Gate Bridge viewpoints.

About The Couple

Amanda and Bryson have done more in this crazy pandemic year than most couples do in a decade! They recently relocated to San Francisco from the East Coast for their job. Then they got engaged in such an epic way. And then they adopted a puppy!

Amanda and Bryson first met at work a few years back when they were placed on the same team. Amanda had a boyfriend at the time, so the two were just simply friends. However, there was a work trip that ended with hours upon hours of conversation and they realized there was something special there. A short time after, the two had a casual dinner together and decided their attraction couldn’t be denied any longer and they finally started dating!

After relocating to SF, Amanda and Bryson decided to take a trip back to Bryson’s families Maryland river house, since they were working remote anyways and missed their families. Little did Amanda know, Bryson was cooking up a plan to pick up an epic ring, invite all her family, and plan a proposal on one of their favorite spots- waterside on his boat. While they both have 4 siblings, they are the first child in the family on both sides to get married, so you can imagine their family’s excitement!  

Amanda & Bryson

To the gorgeous couple- thank you again for being so incredibly adventurous during our amazing session together! You two are such a lovely couple and I’m so honored to have documented this amazing chapter of your love story. I appreciate your willingness to role with the punches when we saw that our destination was totally flooded. What resulted was some truly gorgeous images!

Amanda- I loved chatting with you during our hike to the session. It’s clear that you are so in love with Bryson as I could tell the excitement in your voice as you spoke about your past, present, and future. You looked absolutely stunning in that light pink dress and I swear I could’ve photographed you two for hours!

Bryson- I’m amazed by your highly-detailed memory about everything from your first date with Amanda to your proposal and more. I’m also super impressed by your quick reflexes when you swooped up Amanda to keep her dry when that sneaky wave came in. I’m so excited that you and Amanda are now parents to Charlie and can’t wait to see how the rest of your love story unfolds.

Thank you again for this honor and I hope ya’ll have an amazing 2021 wedding back home with your loved ones. Cheers!

Thank You!

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Dress: Lulus

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