Common Inquiry Mistakes Photographers Make

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While you first impression with your potential clients is usually your website, the second impression- and what I think is arguably just as important, is the response to their inquiry. Clients who inquire are usually ready to book, but what you do or don’t say in reply can sway that client to choose another photographer over you. Here are some common inquiry response mistakes I often see photographers making.

1.You’re not responding fast enough

Your delay in response may be costing you clients. Twenty-four hours really is the sweet spot for responding to your leads. Anything beyond that and you’ve already missed your clients peak interest window in you. They may have already heard back from another photographer, or are less excited to book in general. Strike while the iron is hot and be sure to respond quickly to capture your clients interest.

If you know that you are unable to respond that quickly, set up an auto-responder that include when they should expect to hear back. This lets your client know that their inquiry was received and sets the expectation of when they will hear from you instead of waiting around and guessing. In the email, invite them to spend the extra time by browsing your blog or connect on social media- this keeps their curiosity engaged instead of forgetting about you during the waiting period.

2. You’re not personalizing your replies

Clients want to feel that you are interested in them as a person and this significant time in their lives that you will be photographing. This is a big moment for them, whether it be a wedding or family photos. Sending a reply email that just includes pricing and details will miss the mark of allowing your client to feel heard. Join in their excitement for their life milestone! Ask more about what this moment means to them, and overall try to sound like a friend more than a salesperson.

3. You’re not selling your benefits

So often I see photographers selling their services but not their benefits. The email replies that really fall short are the ones that go like this: “Hi X! My sessions are $x for x images. Let me know if you are interested!” There is sooooo much wrong with this reply. The above point tells you how to better personalize your reply. But beyond that you also need to paint a better picture of what your clients experience with you will look like.

Yes, you offer photographer services, but what are the benefits to working with you? Why should they choose you over other photographers? What are you bringing to the table for them besides pretty photos? Be sure to include in reply what your client can expect and why your experience is the one for them.

I hope those tips were helpful! Head to my Photographer Education page for more tips & tricks.

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