5 Tips For Photo Sessions With Pets

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Your pet is an important part of your family. So including them in your family photos is a must! But preparation is key for ensuring you walk away with perfect shots. Below are some key tips to help you and your furry family member prepare for your photo session.

1. Bathe them the day before

Bathe them the day before. While you don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit for your pet (unless you want to spruce them up with a bow or bowtie!), you can still ensure they look their best by giving them a bath. Now I say to bathe them the day before because I know us pet owners know how fluffy and silly they can look right after a bath. Give their fur a day to lay down properly while still looking clean.

2. Walk them before the session

Take them for a nice long walk before the session. Or better yet- take them for a run! A tired pet is much easier to photograph than one with too much energy. While you’ll likely be getting ready for the session yourself, build in this exercise time to the morning of, if possible!

3. Bring help

This one is key! Bring a friend or family member along to the session to help with you pet. They will play a huge role in helping to get your furry one to look at the camera by bribing them with treats and toys. You’ll also need this person to hang onto your pet while we do a few photos with just the humans, or if your pet needs a break to walk around.

4. Pack the goods

There are a few things that should be packed and brought to the session for your pet. Here is a list of basics: leash, potty bags, treats, toys, water bowl, water.

5. Relax, have fun!

Do you know your pet can sense if you are anxious or frustrated? This is why it’s so important to come into the session with low expectations and just have fun! Don’t worry if your fur baby is being a bit camera shy or overly excited- that’s totally normal! We’ll get the best shots possible, I promise.

I hope these tips were helpful on how to take photos with your pets. Want to see more tips? Click here!

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