3 Things Your Wedding Planner Wish You Knew

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Today’s guest post comes from wedding planner Erica of Erica Estrada Design. She shares an inside view of what your planner really wish you knew. I hope you enjoy her tips!

“I’m the Lead Planner and Creative Director of Erica Estrada Design. EED offers full planning and design service all across the US and a few destination events a year. We value timeless design while incorporating modern elements to produce curated celebrations for each of our clients! EED has been featured in many publications, including Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty, BRIDES, and Wedding Sparrow among others. Below are 3 tips for your wedding day.

1. We don’t expect you know everything you want for your wedding day

We don’t expect you know everything you want for your wedding day: If you’re not someone who has had their wedding planned since you were five years old, that’s totally ok. Maybe you have a Pinterest board with 82984092 boards and pins, but can’t decide which you like the most… that’s ok too!

As a wedding planner and designer, we will of course coordinate the logistics, but we will guide you to a design and details that is just for YOU.

2. Think about your guests’ experience.

Think about your guests’ experience: I will preach this to the ends of the earth. When planning your wedding, it’s important to consider how enjoyable, accessible, and fun your wedding will be for your guests.

For example, How far will they have to walk from their car into the ceremony? If it’s a warm day, will there be shaded areas with drinking stations? You will enjoy your day so much more when you are confident your family and friends are happy and taken care of.

3. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes: Planning a wedding is no easy feat! You’re not supposed to know everything. This is more than likely the first time you’ve planned a wedding and there are a lot of moving parts. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself overwhelmed. Even with all of the blogs and planning websites, the lists seem endless.

If you have a wedding planner, be open and share how you’re feeling. We don’t want you to feel any stress at all. If you don’t have a planner, take it one day at a time, one task a time. I encourage you to make one, Master To-do list and only use that throughout the planning process. Try to refrain from using multiple lists and it may cause a lot of confusion!”

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Want to follow along with Erica on Instagram? You can find her profile here!

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