Hayden’s 6mo Roundup: Newborn Picks


Our little nugget is six months already! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing and learning. There are some lovely things below we have found to be both her and our favorites and have helped with this stage of her life.

Best Baby Items

Favorite Hair Bows– I love these because they are super soft and made of nylon, which means no marks left behind on her sweet little head. They stretch comfortably as she grows.

Favorite Spoon– This spoon is durable and doubles as a teether! No hard metal to hurt her mouth. When I’m done feeding her, she can take the spoon herself and practice self-feeding safely without me worrying about her jamming it in her face.

Favorite White Noise Machine– This machine is cute and functional! I really wanted something with multiple noise options, loud enough, and that looked cute in her nursery. This one checked all the boxes.

Favorite Activity: Jolly Jumper– My parents got this bounce seat for us and to say Hayden is obsessed is an understatement! She lights up every time she gets to play in her bounce seat and would bounce for multiple hours if I let her. This is perfect for hanging in a doorway or like us, on our back porch.

Favorite Crib Sheets– Oh so soft, stretchy, and super cute patterns!

Favorite Books:

Favorite Jogging Stroller– This is the best for active parents! I’ve taken Hayden for dozens of runs in this and she always has a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the terrain.

Favorite Baby Car Mirror– It’s comforting being able to see Hayden in her rear-facing car seat. Especially on longer trips. I love that this mirror is easy to see from my rear-view mirror and let’s me check on her if she is fussing, sleeping, or chatting up a storm.

Favorite Teether Toy– I don’t know what it is about these giraffe toys, but Hayden absolutely loves them!

Hope these were helpful! Enjoy!

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