5 Reasons Why Your Creative Business Needs Dubsado Now

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Running a business can be difficult for us creatives. We are focused on creating our art and not so much on the business side of things. Sometimes the technical side can be a bit overwhelming. So here are five reasons why Dubsado, a Client Relationship Management tool, or CRM, can help save you from this trouble.

1. Organizing client data

Organizing client data. Keeping your client’s data organized all in one place is hugely helpful! Dubsado allows you to easily keep track of your client’s contact info, wedding date, venue info, notes about their timeline, and so much more! Gone are the days of storing this in a huge google doc or excel sheet and then having to scroll through a messy amount of information. Dubasdo makes it so easy to neatly track all those details that are so crucial to serving our clients best.

2. Contracts & Invoices

Contracts & Invoices. It’s so important for your business to have organized contracts and invoices. Not only does this help keep your business safe legally, but it also ensures the money comes in that allows you to do your art. Dubsado is the perfect way to send out, receive, and manage your contracts and invoices in a neat and easy manner. No more paper contracts or using Docusign for contracts, or sending Venmo or Paypal payment requests! You’re able to save your contracts and invoice templates so that you aren’t recreating the wheel every time these needs to be sent to your clients. The automatic invoice payment reminders also saves you the headache of having to follow up on missed payments from your clients.

3. Canned emails

Canned emails. When communicating with clients, it’s common to send the same sort of emails over and over again. This can look like inquiry replies, booking confirmations, session reminders, delivery emails- and so much more. You can save so much time and energy by storing these email templates in the canned email section of Dubsado. Next time you have a client inquire, instead of pulling up a previous response from your last inquiry and copy & pasting that message over, you can more simply click and select the template you’d like to reply with in two seconds, click send and be on your way knowing that inquiry has been replied to in a timeline manner with all the details nessecary.

4. Workflows

Workflows are such a hidden treasure for creatives in business. This tool allows you to ensure each client is receiving a complete, detailed, consistent experience you are hoping for. It’s the perfect quality control for your communication! Dubsado workflows allow you to program what emails, reminders, questionnaires, or To-Do items need to be sent to your clients or you at any given time. This is a huge help if you are too busy creating art and don’t want to be bothered with remembering when to send your wedding client their final questionnaire.

5. Scheduler

Scheduler. Are you using Calendaly to schedule client consultations or meetings? Or worse, are you going back and forth with your clients to schedule meetings? Dubsado has a built in scheduler tool that can do this for you! It syncs to your calendar and is able to have restrictions as to when your clients can schedule (such as only between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

My business would be lost without Dubsado. It’s hands down my most important piece of software I use for my business. Are you ready to give it a try? Use this link to receive 50% your subscription!

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