3 Things Your Florist Wish You Knew

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Today’s post of three things your florist wish you knew comes to you from Jessica Prince of J Blooms located in Napa CA. Below she shares her tips and tricks for getting the most out of your wedding florals. Enjoy!

Photo by Denise Apgar

I’m Jessica, the Owner and Designer of J Blooms, located here in Napa Valley!  I have always had a passion for weddings, design and all things floral related, there is just nothing better than holding beautiful blooms!  After obtaining my Communications degree and working in the corporate word for a bit, I had a crazy idea to start my own business.  I have been flowering since the fall of 2017 and haven’t looked back since!  I specialize in garden-inspired floral arrangements and dried goods.  Think romantic, whimsical and a little boho.  Weddings are the foundation of my business but I also wanted to merge my new found love for dried floral arrangements.  Insert our new online lifestyle marketplace where I design, create and ship out of Napa, California.  

1. Flowers are very seasonal and temperature driven

1. Flowers are very seasonal and temperature driven!  I will do my best to get you what your heart desires but I always want to choose locally grown beauties that will last throughout your day!  Those beautiful Spring blooms just won’t last at an outdoor venue during peak summer, nor will they be available.

2.   Your florist loves seeing your reaction to their creations

2.   Your florist loves seeing your reaction to their creations!  I personally still get so excited (and a little nervous not going to lie) to see what you think of your weddings flowers!  Presenting the bouquet to my bride and adding in all of the final arrangements are some of my favorite parts of the day.  When bringing your vision to life I put my whole heart into your design, so I truly love seeing all the happy tears, it makes this work so rewarding!  

3. Flowers cost so much more than people know

3. Flowers cost so much more than people know, but for a few reasons!  Flowers in general are very expensive.  Those big fluffy garden roses all over Pinterest, yeah those are very pricey.  Complexity of design plays a big rose and so does labor.  Since flowers are so perishable, it’s basically a mad dash designing before your wedding day!  Jam packed days and very long nights are what it looks like in our studio along with lots of bucket cleaning, but it truly is thrilling!

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