3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wish You Knew

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I’m kicking off a month-long series of 3 things your wedding vendors with you knew! I hope these tips and tricks of the posts to come give you a little insight and help further educate you on how to have the best wedding possible. First up is 3 things your wedding photographer wish you knew. Enjoy and stay tuned for next week’s post!

3 things your wedding photographer wish you knew

1. Your wedding month affects your ceremony time

Your wedding month affects your ceremony time. It’s common practice for most venues to suggest you have a 5pm ceremony, regardless of what month you book for your wedding day. This is a pretty standard time that flows well into cocktail hour and dinner. However, it’s so important to keep in mind that the sun sets super early between the winter to early spring months.

If photos are important to you, then you’ll want all your portraits completed before sunset, which means by 4:30pm during some parts of the year! Be sure to chat with your photographer about what photos you are wanting after the ceremony, so they can best recommend the most optimal time to ensure those portraits are captured for you!

2. The wedding day almost always runs late.

The wedding day almost always runs late. This is the reason we suggest adding in padding to your photo timeline. Out of the hundreds of weddings I’ve been to, 90% of the ones without coordinators run late, and 60% of the ones with a coordinator still fall behind at some point.

It can be tough to organize a hundred or more people to flow into the day’s events seamlessly, and that’s ok! But being prepared for this is key. This is why I strongly suggest having a block of your portraits done before the ceremony starts, as added security in case your portrait time gets eaten in to.

3. It takes a loooong time to edit your photos. Really.

It takes a long time to edit your photos. Really. Have you ever snapped a ton of photos on vacation, and then you to post some on social media at the end of a day? Think about how much time it takes you to scroll through all the photos you took to find the best one. Now, how long does it take you to edit that photo on Instagram before you post it? If you are putting in the time to make that photo look good, it could take you over 20 minutes just to post one photo!

Imagine how long it takes us photographers to thoughtfully sort through 5,000+ images and carefully edit 1,000+ of the best ones that really tell the story of your wedding day. We know you are excited to see your shots (which is why I send clients some sneak peeks ASAP!), but know that the more beautiful images we are creating for you- the more time it will take to deliver them.

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into the wedding photography world! Want to check out more helpful Bride tips? Click here!

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