Should i book a second shooter

Should You Book a Second Shooter?

Should You Book A Second Shooter?

One of the most common questions I receive from my wedding couples is “Should I book a second shooter?”. And while it might not be in the budget for everyone, it’s definitely an option I recommend. Below are three reasons why booking a second shooter is a great idea!

1. More Variety

More Variety. Having a second shooter allows you to add tons more images to your gallery. This includes more coverage during your ceremony, more creative angels during the couple portraits, more points of view during your First Dance- the list goes on! If you are dancing it up on the dance floor, but your partner is involved in a rowdy game in another room- having two photographers allows you to capture both moments at the same time, which means not only do you end up with more photos, but the day is more accurately captured for you as well.

2. More Photos of Your Guests

More photos of your guests. It’s tough to get really great shots of your guests when the main photographer is focused on capturing you and the main events. Having a second shooter allows that photographer to join cocktail hour and capture some gorgeous portraits of your guests while the main photographer is with you photographing family portraits. If you’d like more photos of your friends, having a second shooter is the way to go!

3. Extra Security

Extra security. I know this is not something couples want to think about- but technology does at times fail. Meaning if a camera is acting up during your Father’s toast, having a second photographer there can ensure there is another back-up to capture that moment! While photographers, such as myself, take ample steps to ensuring your big day is free from hiccups, it never hurts to have this extra security measure in place for your photos!

I hope you enjoyed those tips for if you should book a second shooter! Want to see more Bride tip posts? Click here!

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