6 Reasons You Need More Photo Coverage Than You Think

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Just how many hours do you need your photographer at your wedding for? Many traditional weddings will need about eight hours of photo coverage. This allows your photographer to capture the sweet details and getting ready fun in the morning, all the way to those silly reception dancing shots that night. While there are many factors that can affect how many hours of coverage you may need, below are a common few that could change your photo timeline and need additional hours added on.

Multiple Venues

If getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception are all happening at different venues then you will need to add in travel time that accounts not only for the distance but also traffic and parking.

Longer Ceremony

Most ceremonies are around 30 minutes. However, several religious ceremonies can last over an hour. If you plan to involve many traditions into your ceremony, be sure to inform your photographer so than can plan accordingly!  

No Coordinator

If you will not have a wedding coordinator for your big day, then it will be important to add in cushion time throughout the day. Without having a professional point person, it will be added peace of mind to add on a few minutes here and there to the various parts of the day to ensure no one is late for their “I Do’s” or grand entrance!

Want More Dancing Photos

If you know you have a rowdy family and friend and would like more dancing coverage, be sure to let your photographer know. Some couples really love the “end of the night” shots that really show their friends and family partying it up!

Having a Grand Exit

If you plan to ride off into the night with your newly married partner, be sure you are planning to have your photographer stay till the end of the night! You’ll love those sweet shots of you and your loved one running through sparklers or being whisked away in your lovely “Just Married” car.

No Second Shooter

Having a second shooter will reduce your morning getting ready time since the lead photographer can be with the bride while the second shooter is with the groom. With only one photographer, you will need extra time to have your photographer bounce between the two of you. Having a second shooter will also allow you to get some sweet portraits of your guests at cocktail hour as well as more reception decor photo, and they add more variety to your entire gallery!  

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