What’s In My Wedding Styling Kit

Photographer Tips

Want to know about all the goodies I bring with me to every wedding day in my styling kit? These various tools and trinkets allow me to beautifully photograph my couple’s special items on their big day. Below I’ll share with you how I use these items and where I purchased them from so that you can check them out for yourself!

Styling Board

I use an Heirloom Bindery styling board. I love that its double sided with their beautiful linen- I have Sand on one side and French blue on the other. Find it here.

Vintage Tray

I use this tray to dress up everything from invitations, to shoes, to boutonnieres. It’s so affordable too! Find it here.

Cheese Cloths

These are great to use when you aren’t provided florals and need something more visually interesting yet subtle to add to your images. Drape it across your board and style your items on top! Find it here.

Ring Dishes

These are pretty easy to make from clay in the oven! I’ll have a future post showing you how. Otherwise you can find some similar ones here.


I’ll be honest and say that I don’t use these ribbons often now that I have the cheese cloths. Maybe I’ll get back into using these someday! Find it here.

Ring Boxes

Brides often don’t have their own special ring box for their rings, or they have the one from their jeweler. Having a few boxes in neutral colors are a great way to show off those amazing rings! Find it here.

Vintage Scissors

These little scissors are so handy for more than just styling! I actually use these to cut down some greenery and flowers around the wedding venue, before I start shooting details, so that I have backup foliage in case the florist wasn’t able to bring extra blooms. Find it here.

Wood Hanger

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a photo of the brides stunning, expensive dress on a cheap plastic hanger. A solid wood hanger looks so much better! Find it here.

Command Hook

This is so handy when it comes time to hang that beautiful dress that is now on a nice hanger. When I can find a nice spot to hang it, I just stick one of these on a blank wall. They are very easy to put up and super-fast to take down. Find it here.

Macro Filters

This is how I capture my close-up ring shots! I screw on the +4 filter on to my 35mm lens, and BOOM, I’ve got a macro lens. Check your lens circumference size before ordering! Find it here.


Often getting ready rooms, where I’m shooting the details, don’t have a ton of natural light. I use this reflector to bounce more light onto the details for photos! Find it here.

Few more small items

Vintage stamps- these are super cute to add to your invitation shots. Find it here.

Styling blocks- I received this as a gift but previously just used lens caps and other items to prop up my objects.

Sticky tac- This is another gift I received that helps keep your rings up right.

Trinkets- Another gift! I have a few vintage looking keys that are fun to through into my detail shots here and there.

I hope this has been helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my wedding styling kit. Check out more of my Photographer Tip posts if you’d like to learn more!

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Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.