Almond Blossom Engagement Session


We just about missed it! The gorgeous almond blossom season, that is. A few of my photographer friends and I tried to squeeze in one last blossom session, and were so shocked when we pulled up to see the once stark white and pink orchards were now filled with vibrant green leaves. Our warm winter meant a super short flowering season here in Northern California, which we were hoping would last for at least another week! Thankfully we located a row of trees that still had a few of those pretty white and pink blooms and decided to make the most of it to squeeze in one last almond blossom engagement session. 


About the Couple. Lara and Matt are good friends with my photographer friend Alyssa, and graciously agreed to be photographed in the orchards with us! This sweet couple was recently engaged on a beautiful trip to Mexico after dating for a little over four years. Matt planned an epic proposal in which he popped the question to Lara while they were on a romantic sail boat ride and was lucky to have Alyssa there to capture it all! When Matt asked Lara to spend forever with him, she of course said yes!


Lara and Matt- thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your sweet engagement session! You guys looked so stunning in the orchards. You would never know it was a cold and SUPER windy day. Your love absolutely overpowered the elements- ya’ll were just glowing during the session! Congrats again on your engagement and future wedding!


Dress: Lulu’s

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.