My Almond Blossom Newborn Session


Our little one is here!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Hayden. She came into our lives on January 27th- born on a Monday, just like her mama. As soon as we regained enough sleep to function, Nick and I took our little girl out to the beautiful almond blossoms to snap a quick few family photos. The warm setting sun lit up the gorgeous white almond blossom orchard, creating a beautiful backdrop for our session.


Parenthood thus far has been a wild ride

But also the most rewarding! Between the 2am feedings, diaper changes, and fussy fits, to her adorable coos, smiles, and the way she wiggles her little toes- life as we know it is definitely forever changed. A quote that really resonated with me for this newborn stage is “Parenthood is simultaneously needing a break, while not wanting to miss a single moment.” This couldn’t be more true and I am so grateful to have Nick by my side as an amazing parent who is able to tap in when I need a break or need to get some work done. Seeing him rise to his role as a loving father has been one of the most precious things I’ve yet to witness in my life.


Our little Hayden girl

Hayden is a very alert baby who loves to be walked around the house and backyard so she can observe all the things in our home. Her favorite things to look at by far are anything bright and shiny (we joke that she is a little moth baby- always attracted to lights), and a bear that resembles our dog Sadie. This adorable bear was gifted to her on the day she was born by our sweet friends. She is a picky sleeper who often demands to sleep on her Mom or Dad’s chests, snuggled close. While it’s still hard to tell what sort of personality our little newborn will have, we can already tell she will be sweet and strong. Nick and I can’t wait to watch her grow and see our lives transform with this new addition to our family.


Location: Almond Orchards, Dixon, CA

Dress: Lulus

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