San Francisco Sutro Baths Engagement


Nicole & Danny’s Sutro Baths San Francisco engagement session was a magical seaside sunset rendezvous. The pair came dressed to kill in a formal blush gown and sharp black suit, and battled the elements (I’m looking at your San Francisco coastal winds!) with grace and beauty. Together they sauntered, cuddled, and danced around the breezy rocky ruins as we captured some stunning and elegant shots!


About The Couple-  Nicole and Danny are high school sweet hearts! Meaning they have now been together for an amazing 11+ years. Nicole had originally set up Danny with one of her friends for their winter formal, but it wasn’t meant to be. Still, this interaction got them talking and they pair soon realized that they were much more interested in each other. Nicole and Danny knew engagement was on the horizon after so many years together, and mutually decided the time was right this past year. Together they picked out a ring and announced their decision to their all too excited friends and family! Nicole, Danny, and their little pup Leo recently relocated back to the Bay Area after living in LA for Nicole to complete her clinical lab specialist program. With her exams now passed (congrats again Nicole), the ring on the finger, and living back near home- they will soon be tying the knot this Spring!


To Nicole and Danny- thank you again for allowing me to capture your sweet engagement session! I’m so excited to watch you two transform your amazing relationship from boyfriend/girlfriend, to now fiancé/fiancée, and soon to be husband/wife! You two have such amazingly photogenic smiles that truly light up our entire session together. Thank you for being so willing to balance trustingly on the rocks in order to get some amazing shots, change in a too-small tent being blown over by the wind, and make the hike to and from our cars- such a workout! I super appreciative for your willingness to try out any pose/idea I had thrown out there! If the beauty we captured together is any indication as to how amazing your wedding will be, then I simply can not wait until your big day!!




Location: Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Photography: Corinna Rose Photography


Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.