Vasona Lake Park Los Gatos Engagement


Adrienne & Ryan’s sunset engagement session in Vasona County Lake Park in Los Gatos was nothing short of stunning. We start our session on a gorgeous, warm summer evening just as the golden sun was starting to lower in the sky. The pair came dressed so beautifully- Adrienne in a slate blue flowy gown and Ryan in a sharp button up and slacks. But my favorite things they brought to their session was their accessories and props! Adrienne had the sweetest sun hat that made her look oh-so-romantic. Not only that but they also brought some yummy Boba drinks from their favorite spot! Keep reading to see the meaning behind the Boba!


About The Couple. Adrienne & Ryan met how most modern couples do now-a-days; through an app. Adrienne found Ryan under the Discovery tab on the Coffee Meets Bagel app. Ryan had incorrectly entered his height and age on his profile, so Adrienne and him didn’t automatch at first (and wouldn’t have, unless she got lucky like this and stumbled across his page!). Adrienne wasn’t sure what to think of him at first because he didn’t quite look like someone she normally dated. But his last profile photo showed one of his super cute and fluffy cats, which she loved, so she decided to go for it. Their first date didn’t quite go as planned. They had planned to meet up for Boba near where Adrienne was going to school at the time. However Adrienne was a little rushed when meeting Ryan and had incorrectly parked her car. Knowing that she couldn’t leave her car like that, she asked Ryan if he could hop in really quick with her so they could go repark her car before enjoying their Boba. But then, with Ryan now in the car, she ended up turning the wrong way into a spot and had to do an awkward mini-uturn. Thankfully Adrienne’s silly driving skills didn’t phase Ryan and he asked her to dinner for a second date immediately after sharing a Boba together.


To Adrienne & Ryan- thank you so much for allowing me to capture your sweet engagement! I had so much fun exploring the park with you two. And I absolutely love how adventurous you guys are! Not only did you rock all the locations and all the poses, but also you guys had the sweetest idea with the swings and army plane (more of those photos coming soon!). I can tell that you two are such a fun-loving couple, which makes me even more excited for how much fun we will have at your wedding next summer! I truly can’t wait to capture that day for you too- I’ll be counting down the days! 🙂




Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.