Sutro Baths SF Engagement


Tiffany and Todd’s San Francisco Sutro Baths engagement session was nothing short of magical. This gorgeous couple came dressed to kill and looked oh so perfect near the ocean waves, sharing smiles and snuggles as the golden sun set around them. Together we navigated the sweetest spots in the Sutro Baths ruins- the slightly daring, narrow, water-edged paths, the intimate little hide away between the rocks and beach, the sweep views of the grand stairs, and another romantic spot within the trees overlooking the ocean.


About The Couple. Tiffany and Todd met eight years ago in Graduate School. They were engaged last year during a vacation trip to Tahoe. Todd, who was living in Boston at the time, had picked out a ring prior to this trip, and felt the urge to bring it along just in case the moment was right for him to ask the big question. However, instead of waiting to a later part of the trip, which was his original plan, Todd was feeling much to anxious with the ring burning a hole in his pocket and couldn’t take the waiting any longer. On the second day of the trip, Todd and Tiffany took a stunning gondola ride up to an epic view point at Heavenly. Right as the pair were walking out to the overlook, Todd got down on one knee and asked Tiffany to spend her forever with him. Of course she said yes! This couple is amazingly strong, as they are keeping their long-distance love thriving while Todd finishes his fellowship in FL- probably one of the furthest points away from Tiffany who is here in CA. But soon they will be reunited, married, and able to send each waking day together.


To Tiffany and Todd: thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your engagement! You two are such natural in front of the camera. Tiffany- I truly can’t get over your smile! My goodness, you are so photogenic and you are going to be a drop-dead gorgeous bride. Todd-you were posing like a pro! Are you sure you haven’t modeled before? Thank you again for being so brave and willing to try out the super sweet “lift and kiss” pose out there on that very narrow ledge. You guys totally nailed it and I am in love with the shot it produced! Your wedding can’t get here soon enough- I truly can’t wait!!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.