Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Engagement


It was a perfect summer evening. The golden, warm sum was shining. A light breeze was dancing around the trees and ruffling the tall grasses. Families were out with the children and dogs, strolling along the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. My couple, Gina and Jeff arrived, looking picture perfect in their outfits and beautiful smiles. This evening we would capture some gorgeous, sunny portraits of their love together!


How He Asked- Gina and Jeff became engaged in the sweetest way that truly was so perfect for the couple. Jeff had planned a special little gathering at their favorite local brewery this past December. He enrolled the help of their two fur babies who wore the cutest signs around their neck saying “Mom, will you marry my Daddy?” Jeff got down on one knee behind their pups while Gina wasn’t looking and when she turned around, he asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, Gina (after shaking off her surprise and realizing what was going on) said yes! Jeff had invited their parents to their outing as well, and together their families all celebrated the good news together over some yummy pints.


To Gina & Jeff- thank you again for allowing me to capture your sweet engagement! I had so much fun playing around in the trees and golden fields with you two! Gina- you were absolutely glowing at our session. I won’t forget how amazingly cute you looked when Jeff planted a big kiss on your cheek. Jeff- thank you for brining your sense of humor! It seriously makes the session so much more fun when my couple is down to be a little silly. I loved how your little tickles made Gina laugh! It’s very clear that the both of you fit together so perfectly- not only physically for the most adorable photos- but with your lovely personalities too! I have no doubt that you two are going to go so far in life with one another. I can’t wait to get you guys back in front of my camera and photograph you two as husband and wife at your wedding later this year!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.