Lovers Lane & Golden Gate Overlook Engagement


The weather in the city is always hit or miss during the summer months. I can be hoping into my car in the East Bay with a clear, sunny 80 degree sky above me, only to be greeted by a thick wall of cold fog as I cross the bridge into San Francisco. So when Racquel & Marc decided on two gorgeous spots in SF for their engagement photos – Lovers Lane & Golden Gate Bridge Overlook, I had all my fingers and toes crossed that the weather would behave for us. And while I had no room to complain in my warm jeans and sweater, our poor lovely bride-to-be braved out some unpleasant cold wind in her stunning outfits.


This beautiful couple have been together for a whooping 8 years- going on 9! They met way back when in a dance group. Which made Marc’s plan for proposal so fitting. Both Racquel & Marc love spending time with their friends and family at Disneyland. Racquel’s favorite princess is Cinderella. So, can you guess what clever Marc did to combine their love of Disney with their dance group past? He rented a Prince Charming outfit and set up a surprise in a gorgeous Palo Alto garden where a friend serenaded them with guitar as the two danced the famous dance from the Hillary Duff Cinderella movie (he was very slyly teaching Racquel the moves to this dance months prior for this very moment!). Talk about sweet! So naturally, we had to have them dance a little during this engagement session too!


To Racquel & Marc: thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet engagement session! You two looked so stunning in your outfits and fit together like a glove for our photos. Racquel- I can’t thank you enough for being such a champ in the cold wind! You made it look like a beautiful summer day, when it was truly anything but. Marc- you rocked all the posing better then most guys! Such a natural! I loved when you guys did the Cinderella movie dance that you had practiced for your proposal. So sweet! I hope you love these photos as much as I do. I can’t wait till your wedding! You two are going to make a gorgeous bride & groom.

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.