Shell Ridge Open Space Walnut Creek Engagement


Have you ever met someone and instantly wanted to become their friend? Like within the first 30 seconds of meeting them, you could just tell they were awesome people? That’s exactly what my session with Saumya & John at Shell Ridge Open Space, Walnut Creek was like. Even with the skies dark, and rain falling- this couple showed up dressed to kill with nothing but the biggest smiles.


I’m not going to lie- I was panicking at first. My normal reaction to rain or stormy skies to instantly suggest a reschedule. But Saumya & John were driving such a long way, and she was coming from her makeup trail- so I knew we had to make it work no matter what. I don’t think either of them could read the worry in my face- because the warm, excited energy they exuded even as they climbed out of their car and accepted the umbrella I reached out to them, was so overpowering that for a moment I forgot it was even raining!


Couples like Saumya & John really make me thankful that I’m able to work with such genuinely great, friendly, down-to-earth people. They posed, smiled, and cuddled up with one another throughout the session- looking like the rain scene from the Notebook, almost like we had planned the rain! And just wait till you see the sunset skies we captured at the end of the session. SO. WORTH. IT!


To Saumya & John: you guys are amazing. I can’t say that enough! I am forever grateful for your attitudes as we faced every photographer’s nightmare- uncomfortable weather! Your natural chemistry together made my job so easy. If you guys can look so stunning in weather like that- then I seriously can’t wait to see what sort of beauty we can capture together on your sunny wedding day! I hope you two were able to warm up afterwards, grab some food (did you end up at In-N-Out? Lol), and watch that intense episode of GOT! Thank you for letting me capture your engagement session. Your wedding day can’t come soon enough! 🙂




Dress: Rent The Runway

Makeup: Makeup by Adele

Balloons: Party City

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.