Sutro Baths San Francisco Coastline Engagement


We had been lucky with sunny skies and warm sunshine the week leading up to this engagement session. This had me excited to photograph my sweet couple near the ocean. However, mother nature seemed to have different plans for us. While, yes, we were still met with some nice sunshine, we also came to face some low temperatures and brutal winds that made it feel more like winter than spring! This session definitely made me realize that you can never assume how the weather is going to be in little ‘ole San Francisco- especially on the coast line at Sutro Baths.


Ally and Calvin rolled up, dressed like stunning celebrities, to our evening session. However, we all were instantly taken aback at just how windy and cold it was and started our decent to Sutro- praying it would be less windy as we walked into the little valley. Ally loved this location for the images one can capture out on the water, and I was determined to get those for her, despite the conditions! This session took a lot of determination from my couple and tons of patience as we waited for just the right moments where the wind slowed down. I am so grateful to have such amazing clients who were able to not only survive but thrive here!


To Ally and Calvin – thank you so so much for allowing me to serve you and capture your sweet engagement. I know the weather conditions didn’t allow for a very relaxing session with as much down time chit chat as I would’ve liked, but I really enjoyed getting to know you two better during the time we did have walking between spots. You guys are SO amazing to have braved that weather while looking so romantic together out on those cliff sides. Ally- you especially! I can’t believe you survived in your beautiful dress and heels- such a rockstar! And Calvin- you are such a sport for rolling with the punches and being patient with us as we waited for a good moment where the wind wasn’t messing with Ally’s hair and dress. If we can get beautiful photos in conditions like that- then I feel like we are going to be so unstoppable for your wedding day! I can’t wait to photograph you two again!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.