Lovers Lane & Palace of Fine Arts SF Engagement


As you have probably guessed by now, I am such a sucker for a good love story. Fueled by my passion to serve my couples, and absolutely love hearing how the two came together. So when Maggie and Simon told me they have known each other and been together since they were children- you can guess how excited I was to hear more! I was so honored to photograph their special and such rare love story beneath the beautiful golden trees at Lovers Lane as well as the stunning architecture at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, where- as it turns out- they had their high school prom photos taken together! The session seemed to bring them full circle, connecting their rich history with their present relationship, and the photos that came from it were nothing short of magical!


Maggie and Simon met way back when they were in high school and have been together for an amazing eight years! Maggie mentioned to me that she was grateful to have found someone that she was able to grow together with (versus growing apart as I suspect most do at that young age) as they became their own person throughout the years. That further drove home, for me at least, that these two truly are meant to be together! How many couples can say they have loved each other from such a young age and have graciously grown up together- their love more powerful than ever? It is such a beautiful accomplishment! Simon proposed to Maggie in the sweetest way. They had recently adopted an adorable golden-doodle puppy they named Duncan. Duncan had the leading role in this proposal! As Maggie and Simon took Duncan out for a walk along Baker Beach one winter evening, Simon secretly placed a sign around Duncan’s neck that read “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?” and was down on one knee with a ring beside the pup as Maggie turned around. How cute is that!? Good work, Simon and Duncan- good work! 🙂


To Maggie & Simon – thank you again for allowing me to capture this very precious time in your lives! You two were such a dream to photograph. Your smiles were mesmerizing- your outfits on point- and your warmth and kindness towards me and each other was so beautiful! Thank you for being so patient as we braved the crowds and the cold wind. You’d never know from the photos that is was so freezing out, or that we had to wait for tourists and other photographers to pass by as we snapped our shots! I had such a blast with you guys and am absolutely in love with the photos we took together. I hope you love them too!

Couple’s Review:

“Corinna is the sweetest person and a dream to work with! She made our session super fun, which allowed us to fade out distractions among the bustling and popular locations that we chose for our engagement shoot. Her work ethic and diligence are qualities that we appreciate so much! Corinna is amazingly talented and her creative vision for certain shots aligned perfectly with ours. During the session, she constantly checked in to make sure we were comfortable and even asked if we had certain poses in mind! Corinna goes above and beyond (she even fluffed out my dress and held my bag) and we are so glad to be working with her and can’t wait to book her for our wedding photos.”

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.