Marshall’s Beach San Francisco Engagement


I had long admired photos of Marshall’s Beach in San Francisco – a small but stunning, rugged coast line that dropped down to a modest beach with the most amazing views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge what seemed to be a stone’s throw away. So when Kristin told me that her and her fiancé John were interested in some beach photos with the bridge in the background- I was all too eager to suggest this stunning spot. Although I had yet to personally visit this beach, Kristin was wonderfully trusting in my research that this would be a perfect spot for us. And let me tell you- it absolutely was!


I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph here. Not only where Kristin and John some of the nicest people you’d ever meet, but they were also so extremely photogenic together! They seemed to fit together like two gloves, and my camera was loving it! Kristin is a Bay Area baby, a CA lady through and through. John, however is a New Jersey transplant, but fits right in with his warm CA-like smile! They two originally met at work and said they actually preferred working together opposed to their current situation at different jobs. I learned while teetering on some cliff side rocks that John is afraid of heights and got a bit nervous about where I stepped. I’m sure he didn’t realize I was about to place him and Kristin atop a stunning but small lookout. If he was nervous, he certainly didn’t show it and continued to take photos with us like a star! Be sure to scope of the shot I got below of Kristin stunning ring-which turns out is a custom made design of two ring types she loved equally. How special to have something so unique and one of a kind!


To Kristin and John – thank you again for allowing me to photograph this special time in your lives. Although this wasn’t the most technical sense of an engagement since you two are already legally married- you two still had the spark like you just got engaged! Thank you for following me around this unknown SF spot- how stunning this location ended up being and you two blended right in with your matching beauty! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys better and hearing more about your exciting future plans. I can’t wait to be toasting with you on your wedding day (camera in hand, of course) and hopefully celebrating a purchase of a new house (fingers and toes crossed!). June can’t come soon enough!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.