Sutro Baths Engagement


The laughing and smiling was non-stop despite the cold coastal wind muffling the sound of our laughter. Nathali & Victor showed up to the Sutro Baths in San Francisco, hand in hand, glowing with excitement for our adventure. I couldn’t help but immediately think how they reminded me of old friends- their energy so down-to-earth, refreshing, and fun! Like a couple I’d love to have dinner and a drink with- they were so warm and relaxed with me right off the bat. Even if the weather was going to be a bit challenging for us, I knew we’d have a great time together no matter what.


This beautiful couple picked a more relaxed outfit to start with that better resembled their cozy nature. They looked absolutely adorable, snuggling in the setting sun together. We frolicked around the trees, Sutro Ruins and a tiny, lesser known beach in search for the most perfect spot for their photos. They both had an outfit change into a very lovely California looking sundress for her and white button down for him. Together they cuddled, danced, kissed, and romped all around this beautiful California coast and I was so happy to be able to capture these gorgeous moments!


To Nathali & Vic – thank you again for spending your evening with me! I truly loved hanging out with you guys and chatting more about your upcoming wedding, your pasts, your adventures together, and your future together. While I absolutely adore our entire session- I really loved photographing you two barefoot on the beach where you guys got to play around in the sand and surf! Thank you for climbing all around Sutro with me and making due with our less than ideal changing situation-haha! And I super appreciate you two being such troopers with the wind and cold-you’d never know looking at these photos that it was freezing out! You guys are such a beautiful couple with the most amazing smiles- I know you two will look absolutely stunning on your wedding day and I can’t wait!!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.