Treasure Island San Francisco Engagement


I headed my familiar route over the pretty white bridge, cruising toward San Francisco. However this time I was taking a new exit- one towards a little island called Treasure Island. It was instantly quieter as I took my exit away from the rush hour traffic behind me, turning onto a nearly deserted road that had me think twice if I had taken the right exit. Road construction seemed to fill the streets of this island, but I still managed to find my way down to a beautiful clearing that opened up its view to the San Francisco skyscraper. Waves gently lapped up the rocky coast that stretched its way around the island. I could see a few sail boats off in the distance, their sails shimmer in the setting up. My couple was about to arrive – and I was so excited for the magic we would capture at this little spot!


Treasure Island is technically part of San Francisco, but it feels more like a secret getaway, sandwiched between the city’s bustling downtown on one side of the bridge, and the scrawling East Bay on the other. You may be surprised to know that the island is actually man-made, yup, constructed! It’s original purpose was to become a new airport for San Francisco but ended up getting taken over by the Navy who deemed war preparation more crucial. It island has a very interested history that I encourage you to look up sometime if you are ever interested- one of the most interesting parts I found was drama around it’s radioactive dirt. Anyways, the island has a small town feel to it now, which was such a relaxing pace to begin my session with Roxana & David. Besides a few people out for a stroll, we seemed to have this beautiful stretch of shoreline backing to downtown San Francisco to ourselves. That was, of course, until the sun start to set and it felt like everyone who lived on the island swarmed in to the view point.


To Roxana & David- thank you again for braving the rush hour traffic for your session with me! You two looked absolutely fantastic, and had the same inner beauty to top it all off! I absolutely loved your custom champagne glasses, Roxana! That was such a sweet touch to your session. And I still laugh a bit when I think how David shook up the champagne bottle, timid to how much of a mess it would make- worth it! Thank you for being brave out there on the rocks for me- I know balancing was a big challenge- but you two looked magical in that setting sun out there. Thank you again for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives- I can’t wait till your wedding this fall!

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.