Big Sur California Coast Engagement


We zoomed down the 90-mile stretch of the rugged California coastline known as Big Sur. Highway One winds along its length, flanked on one side by the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains and on the other by the rocky Pacific Coast. The turns were enough to make even the stronger stomach drivers feel a little weak, especially if you were to get a glimpse of the abrupt drop beyond the guardrail where the ocean awaits you hundreds of feet downward.  There was so much beauty here to capture – I feel like we only just scratched the surface during our magical session!


I was very lucky to meet Erica through a local group of one of the educational courses I’ve recently taken. I was instantly drawn to her work and was thrilled to find that she was just south of me. We met up for coffee and instantly hit it off with conversation about business, life, and marriage flowing effortlessly. We got onto the topic of doing a destination photo session that we both agreed would be an amazing experience and benefit to our portfolios. Our original plan was to head to Yosemite, but that plan was spoiled by the later winter snow still lingering and keeping the roads to the main viewpoints closed. So our back-up plan became Big Sur. And wow, did it exceed my expectations! The views were so stunning that I’m itching to go back again!


To Erica and Miguel – thank you again for spending your entire Sunday with me! I really enjoyed getting to know you two better and chatting with you that entire lengthy drive! I loved the little adventure we had- that great meal with the outstanding view at Nepenthe (thank you for recommending that place!), our little mischievous act (you’ll know what I mean haha), that amazing bridge spot, soaking up the sun with an icy beverage on that near-private beach, and bonding over our love for tacos. Talk about an amazing day! Thank you again so much for allowing me to photograph you- I can’t wait to get you guys in front of my camera again later this year for Yosemite!


Dress: Amazon

Couple’s Review:

“We were so lucky to have met Corinna and have gotten the opportunity to work with her! My husband and I wanted some updated Anniversary photos, and after seeing her beautiful work I couldn’t think of anyone better to take them for us!

Corinna is so sweet and professional! Being in front of the camera is not something my husband and I do often! She gave great instructions when it came to posing and was very reassuring and comforting with us! Not to mention, she made it so fun that we completely forgot for a moment that we were having our photos taken! Don’t hesitate in booking Corinna for your special moments!”

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.