Sutro Baths San Francisco Engagement


A cold ocean breeze whipped its way through the costal tree line. We hiked our way from the parking lot situated high above the beach, into a gathering of towering skinny trees, and down a dirt path in search of a place to begin. It was a Saturday at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, and it seemed just about everyone was out enjoying the spring sunshine, shaking the dust off their winter legs.

We had arrived early, knowing that there were quite a few spots in this corner of the city that we wanted to capture. Mostly we were drawn to the trees that seemed straight out of a Dr. Seuss book and, of course, the historical Sutro Baths ruins down by the ocean. Note to anyone reading this- trying to take photos here during sunset on a weekend can be quite tough! We encountered 3 other photo sessions in our little patch of trees we stopped to photograph who set up within a stone’s throw of us. Not only that, but we had to be very patient in waiting for tourist to walk out of the background of our shots. To top that all off, there was a line (an actual line! So crazy!) to photograph the spot down by the baths. I would highly recommend doing a sunrise or week day session at this location. 

To Alyssa & Trevor- thank you so much for exploring this little gem in San Francisco with me. I greatly appreciate your patience as we battled this popular spot with other tourists and photo sessions. You two photographed together like such a dream – it seems you two were made for each other! I love the shots we created together, especially the ones where you two look so elegant out on the water. I won’t forget how funny we all looked trying to walk down (and back up!) to the baths in heels, dress shoes, and backpacks, while people passed by in hiking attire and gym shoes looking at us like we were crazy. Thank you for allowing me to take these images of you two- I hope I can convince you to get back in front of my camera again soon!


Dress: Lulu’s

Couple’s Review:

“Corinna took our engagement pictures at the Sutro Baths and she quickly delivered a fabulous gallery! From the minute we showed up, to the second we were done, Corinna was not only professional, but also easy to get along with and super fun! She made time fly by and was really good at distracting us from all of the passersby. Corinna effortlessly guided my fiance and I through easy posing and made it feel as natural as possible. My fiance was reluctant to take these pictures, but after we left, he couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Corinna was! We look forward to working with her in the future!”

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.