Briones Regional Park Martinez Couple Session


The grass was a vibrant green, still moist with the past week of rain under our feet. We could feel the warm sun shining over the hilltops, spilling into the valley below and onto our faces as we walked into Briones Regional Park in Martinez. A few timid black and brown cows nearby spotted as approaching them and slowly began to move as a heard to the hill side. We carefully stepped around their leftover droppings (not very glamorous, I know!) and foot prints and finally settled on a flat and clear patch of earth in the middle of one of the fields. The horizon line beyond was filled with a thick line of trees stretching towards the sun and beautiful, green rolling hills. The setting sun illuminated our found spot in such a perfect, dreamy way, but we had to act fast if we were going to capture this beautiful glow.

Vanessa and Rich were so kind as to make a far drive down to my little spot here in Briones. I love this spot because it’s so peaceful, quiet, and makes a perfect backdrop for a relaxing session. This sweet couple were such naturals during their session, despite not having any photos taken together since their wedding! Their outfits matched the early spring season so perfectly that even looking back at these photos now, I couldn’t have guessed that it was a brisk evening. Even though we had a little trouble posing around the previously mentioned ground hazards, we still managed to capture some beautiful moments together.

To Vanessa & Rich- thank you so so so much for making the journey down and trusting me with choosing this beautiful little spot. I won’t forget how effortlessly Rich picked up Vanessa, as we wanted to do a few lifting photos before her dress got messy. And Vanessa- your beautiful laugh and smile is to die for! They truly made these photos so special. Thank you two again for allowing me to capture some beautiful memories during this time in your lives and congrats on the newest grandchild that will be blessing your family soon!

Dress: Lulu’s

Couple’s Review:

“Corinna is wonderful! Working with Corinna, you will get more than a set of incredibly beautiful photos, you will get a memorable experience. She is very professional but more importantly, she’s fun. Corinna instructed our posing in a way that made getting our pictures taken enjoyable. For most, it is uncomfortable, where do I put my hands, is my smile awkward or fake? Corinna’s ability to seamlessly guide us through the process, removed the stress and instead, made my husband and I feel like we were on a date. We had a great time, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Corinna to anyone!!”

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.