Legion of Honor San Francisco Couple Session


We looked like we were heading to a wedding, or a fancy dinner, or maybe the symphony. Nope. You see, when my husband and I get dressed up, it’s not because we are going out somewhere nice- it’s because I have somehow magically convinced Nick to come take photos with me. Otherwise you can usually find us in jeans, tennis shoes, or even lounging in a long robe at home.  He buttoned his suit jacket and slid on his dress shoes, which had to be fished out and dusted off from the back of the closet. I gently clasped together my new gem necklace across my delicate lace top, grabbed my keys, and shot my husband a “this will be fun, promise!” smile. On our way out the door, I slung my camera backpack over my shoulder along with my tripod and our bag of walking clothes and shoes and made sure he was still following me out. We piled into the car and set out on the long drive towards the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

It was a rare weekend day off, and I needed to head into the city to scout out a location for an upcoming engagement shoot. Too kill two birds with one stone, I figured I could have Nick join me (I hate driving into the city anyways, and he always drives when it’s us two) so that we could take some updated photos together. I seem to be always needs new images of us as well as myself to post on social media. And by the grace of god, Nick really didn’t take much convincing to embark on this little journey with me. Even though he and I equally dislike battling the crowds and traffic that seem to always be present in the city, he agreed to come and didn’t even put up a fight about dressing up! I really found myself a keeper, ladies and gentlemen.

To Nick- thank you for being patient with me while I awkwardly set up our tripod and self-timer, all under the watchful eye of tourists. And our even more awkward holding of poses while we waited for the self-timer to go off.  Your support of my endeavors knows no bounds, and for that, I am forever grateful. I love you so, and I can’t wait for our next session together. 😉

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.