Redwood Canyon Golf Course Castro Valley Wedding


Rain. Clouds. Wind. Cold. Not ideal wedding weather. This is how the day started for Fanny and Erick’s Wedgewood Redwood Canyon Golf Course Castro Valley wedding. As I packed up my umbrellas and winter coat, I felt a pang of worry that this wedding would be a bit difficult to capture. But I came prepared with a rain plan and wanted to ensure that this sweet couple did not have to worry about a thing when it came to their photos- they had enough to worry about already! So I walked into their getting ready rooms that day with a smile on my face and infectious energy, trying to show that the rainy skies were not a death sentence. And to my surprise, this amazing couple hardly batted an eye at the weather! They were so consumed in the love and support of that day, that they seemed cool as a cucumber and focused on what mattered the most that day- marring the love of their life surrounded by the people who mattered most to them.

Fanny wore a beautiful, modern white dress with lace detail and a sweet chiffon skirt. Erick suited up in his sharp royal blue suit complete with a black and white polka dot tie and pocket square. Oh, and did I mention- his badass bride had died her hair a luminous shade of purple just DAYS before the wedding. She was worried the rain would leak some of the dye from her locks onto her white dress during our outdoor portraits. This colorful couple more than made up for the grey skies that loomed overhead.

To Fanny and Erick –  thank you again so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day!  It was so very clear that you wanted this day to be for your loved ones, your community, and more than just yourselves. I won’t forget the hilarious money dance you two had with your guests, or that tear jerking slide show you two played. I will forever look back on your wedding day and remember the joy and laughs that constantly filled the room from start to end.

Couple’s Review:

“Corinna shot our engagement session and our wedding. She is awesome to work with. She is kind, caring, and very easy to work with. Her shots were awesome and she was a ninja at the wedding. We had to switch to our alternative location for the wedding ceremony because of rain and she adjusted like a champ.
What is also awesome about Corinna is that she would check in with us before and after the wedding. You know that she really enjoys her work because she was constantly smiling for the whole day. Her smile puts everything at ease, especially during this wonderful but stressful event. Can’t recommend her enough!”

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.